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Puppy for ad from SeadogsIt can be challenging to find a healthy Newfoundland puppy. Contacting a reputable breeder is the first step.  Here are some breeders in the Indiana area. Some breeders in the Ohio area. Puppy information center.
IMG_62779184045975There are always dogs in need. Help give one a better life. Check out our sister site,  South Central Newfoundland Rescue.




 Activities for you and your dog


MariahJunior showmanship.  More information on junior showmanship here.
KH_00777_cropped_versionObedience and Rally. More information on obedience



StephenConformation. NCA information on confromation. AKC information on conformation.
Ooona-ResizeWater work.



BellaTherapy dogs.  Article on reading dog therpay.  Therapy dog titles.
Draft Workshop 5Drafting. Read more about drafting and water work.







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We always are looking to welcome new members. Sign up or volunteer for an event.
Learn how to find a breeder in your area or rescue a dog in need.
Grooming is an important part of your Newfoundlands life. Need some tips? Watch these videos.
Are you looking for things to do with your Newfoundlands? We know tons of great activities to keep you busy.
The South Central Newfoundland Club (SCNC) is a regional club of The Newfoundland Club of America, dedicated to preserving and protecting the Newfoundland Dog. The club promotes this goal by organizing and sponsoring working trials, including annual water and draft tests. Open to families and individuals who enjoy working and playing with their Newfs, we also provide plenty of fun and educational activities throughout the year including water and draft workshops and other social events.
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