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The South Central Newfoundland Club, Inc. was incorporated in 1979 and is a Regional Club of the Newfoundland Club of America. We host activities throughout the year to provide members with the opportunity to compete in Conformation, Obedience and Working Dog events and to experience the joy of owning and caring for Newfoundlands.


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The Origins of the South Central Newfoundland Club by Terry Newhouse
  The following is a brief history of how SCNC (South Central Newfoundland Club) came into being. In the mid to late 1960’s, I was smitten with “Newfitis” and didn’t have any organized outlet for this disease. I called and talked for hours to anyone in a five or six state area about this affliction. Finally, some of us decided to start a club in the Midwest. Newfs were few and far between then unless you were in the New England area. In 1970, after the Fox River Kennel Club show north of Chicago, about twelve to fifteen Newf fanciers from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota met and the NCNC (North Central Newfoundland Club) was born. Some of the other charter members included Paul and Betty Ramey (Bethward Newfoundlands) and Bob and Jean Quandt (Tidal Wave Newfoundlands) of Illinois, and Mary M. Price (Paddlewheel Newfoundlands) and Anne Williams (Nine Mile Newfoundlands) from Minnesota. I was the only member from Indiana. Continuing to try to generate interest in the Club with my Indiana acquaintances, I was getting to know other Newfoundland lovers from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and as far away as Louisiana. I would report to the Club all the “far flung” interest but since most of the functions were in the Chicago area, it was too far for most to travel. So, in late 1971, I was appointed to be the liaison from NCNC to form a new club. Indiana was broke off and given Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. SCNC was now formed.All the early meetings were around my kitchen table, drinking lots of coffee and dreaming dreams. All the early meetings were around my kitchen table, drinking lots of coffee and dreaming dreams. The memories and friendships are rich and deep. We had no money and would pass the hat to get our treasury started. I was elected founding president. Other charter members and officers were Russ and Judy Follett, Marcia Fonts, Paul and Jane Catlin, Mike and Joyce Lantz, and Bob and Liz Summers. Early members and dedicated workers were Judy Wirtz, Rick and Ozzie Foreman, Dick and Shirley Mittendorf, Bob and Gloria Laverty and Tony and Kathy Compton. By the mid 1970’s, we were much more professional and organized. We held our first NCA sanctioned water trial in 1976 in Kokomo at Lantz’s Arrowhead Springs campground. We continued to hold our water trials there until the mid 1980’s when we started holding them at Eagle Creek Park. The Club felt really big time when we hosted the National Specialty in 1981 at Jeffersonville, Indiana. There are many current members who were in the Club by the mid 1980’s but I am delighted to give this history of the origin and early years of the SCNC and NCNC from which we evolved. Today, dedicated members continue to make the SCNC a very strong and viable Club whose growth has significantly increased the popularity and love of the Newfoundland breed.  

                        Please visit our sister organization, South Central Newfoundland Rescue.

 SCNC Board Members

President, Robin Katen I have been a member of SCNC going on 16 years. The very first SCNC event I attended was a Water Test at Eagle Creek and I was hooked. My husband and I share a hobby farm in northwest Ohio with a horse, two cows, two goats, five chickens, three cats and at the present time, just one Newf, Dory, who is two years old. I had done Obedience and Rally with my first Newf, but joining SCNC opened up a whole new world of water and draft competition, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I have also done Tracking, and am currently training Dory for Agility. I have been a board member since 2006, having served as an at-large member, secretary, and now president. I am also the awards chairperson, and a member of the working dog committee. I am looking forward to working with a great group of board members in the coming year!
Vice President, Jane Huge I live south of Cloverdale, Indiana, on a 150-acre farm were we raise Salers Cattle and crops. I live there with my husband, Duane, who is a high school Agriculture teacher; daughter, Mariah and Casey (Mariah’s Newfoundland). Mariah is a Senior at Purdue University, majoring in Animal Science, with a concentration in Meat Science. I have been a SCNC Member since 2007. I have helped as a steward at the SCNC Water Test and Draft Test and helped at the Tree Pull over the years. I have attended the National over 10 times with my daughter, Mariah and her dogs. They have shown in Junior Showmanship, Obedience, Rally and Confirmation at the National. We have hosted the SCNC Draft Test at our house in the past. We enjoy opening our home up to the SCNC and fixing dinner for everyone on Saturday evening and breakfast on Sunday morning before the test. I first became interested in Newfoundland 1986 the year we were married. I saw a Newfoundland puppy in a pick up and asked my husband what kind of a dog is that? He said he thought it was a Newfoundland. I then started doing research on Newfoundlands and asking to get one. Duane, my husband kept telling me “NO”. So after Mariah was born I started brain washing her to love Newfoundlands. When she was in third grade and started 4-H we went to look at Newfoundland puppies and she came home and asked Dad if she could have one. Of course he said yes to her, so that is how we got our first Newfoundland. The breeder recommended we get involved with our Regional Club. The first event we attended was the Water Test in 2007, where we became members. I enjoy working with kids and their dogs. I have been the Putnam County 4-H Dog Club Leader or Assistant Leader for 14 years. For the past six years I have also been the Indiana State Fair Dog Obedience Chair. This is a great way to give back to the community and help kids become interested in showing dogs and being responsible owners. I have been in the animal Health industry for over 34 year selling veterinary pharmaceuticals to veterinarians and producers in the Great Lakes Region.
Treasurer, Mary Broihier I have been a member of SCNC since 1999 when we got our first Newfoundland puppy, Duncan. During that time, I have served in many capacities for our club, including President, Treasurer, Secretary, Water Test Chair and Supported Entry Chairperson. Most people know me as the Newsletter Editor. We live in rural Morgan County, Indiana, on a small lake with six Newfoundlands and five Labrador Retrievers. Our kennel is Water’s Edge Newfoundlands and we breed and show Blacks and Landseers. After working for many years in Fortune 500 companies in Marketing and Market Research, I am finally retired and spend all my time with the kennel and my husband, J. C. Randolph, along with all my volunteer  and various activities in breed clubs.
Secretary, Kirsten Anderson My husband and I live in Nineveh Indiana and started off fostering for the Humane Society. I have always wanted a Newfie and it was a dream that seemed out of reach until I met Virginia. I was looking for a local vet for a second opinion for our oldest dog Danica and I mentioned I loved Newfies. Within a week we had our first foster and I was hooked. Five years later and countless fosters we now have our own Newfies Tegan and Babs and we couldn’t be happier.
Member At Large, Amy Birk I have been a member of SCNC for many years and am very involved with Rescue. My favorite club event is the Christmas Tree Pull at Dull’s Tree Farm. I live in a log cabin in the woods of Brown County with my cats, assorted woodland creatures (that sometimes get in the house) and my dogs. My three dogs are Yeti (brown Newfoundland known as “The Brown Bear of Brown County”), Moose (Bernese Mountain dog missing one ear) and one crazy Husky. I work at a veterinary clinic in Southern Indiana. When I have free time you can find me walking my dogs around Nashville, hiking the woods around Brown County, running into trees on my mountain bike and playing tennis.
Member at Large, Bob Kinney A long time ago and not so far away, my bride to be talked to me about getting a dog after we got married.  Having grown up with dogs on the farm, I said “Sure, it would be nice to have a dog around the house.  We could get a nice shepherd or shepherd collie cross.” She said that she had really looking forward to getting a Newfoundland since she was in high school. “What’s that?” said I. “I know someone that has one and we’ll go and show you” said she. When we got to the place, I saw that Newfy face looking at me through the screen door and fell in love. The rest is history. That was about 30 years ago and between failed fosters and puppies, we still have a pack of four. During that time, our dogs achieved lot of titles, for all of which I was more of an equipment manager and observer, leaving the heavy training work (and credit) to my better half.
Member at Large, Jon Weir  My name is Jon Weir and my wife and I share our home with two Newfs and a Bernese Mountain Dog. I grew up with a Newfoundland and have always had a love of big dogs. After many years of living with Berners, we got our first Newf together in 2017. We joined SCNC at that time and have enjoyed all the SCNC events that we have been able to attend. We started showing in conformation with our first Newf, Murray. What an incredible learning experience that has turned out to be! Besides all of the great people we have had a chance to meet at the shows, my grooming knowledge and technique has grown tremendously. Even when we aren’t showing, it seems like I spend a good bit of my free time bathing a Newf who enjoys rolling in the mud with his Berner brother, Waylon. Practice makes perfect when it comes to grooming, and our dogs give me a lot of opportunities to practice. We got our second Newf, Ruby, two years ago. She is a retired girl who is enjoying her golden years keeping the boys in line and sleeping on the couch.

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The South Central Newfoundland Club (SCNC) is a regional club of The Newfoundland Club of America, dedicated to preserving and protecting the Newfoundland Dog. The club promotes this goal by organizing and sponsoring working trials, including annual water and draft tests. Open to families and individuals who enjoy working and playing with their Newfs, we also provide plenty of fun and educational activities throughout the year including water and draft workshops and other social events.
All opinions expressed above are solely the work of the author or contributor and do not reflect the official views or policies of the South Central Newfoundland Club or the Newfoundland Club of America except where noted. 1999-Current South Central Newfoundland Club.  All rights reserved.