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The South Central Newfoundland Club, Inc. was incorporated in 1979 and is a Regional Club of the Newfoundland Club of America. We host activities throughout the year to provide members with the opportunity to compete in Conformation, Obedience and Working Dog events and to experience the joy of owning and caring for Newfoundlands.


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Water Test “Show and Go” (practice session)held jointly with Great Lakes. Sunday, August 6, 2017 LOCATION: Lakewood – Rogers Park, North Meridian Road, Valparaiso, IN Entrants pay for time in the water with their dogs. download the document!    

The Origins of the South Central Newfoundland Club by Terry Newhouse
  The following is a brief history of how SCNC (South Central Newfoundland Club) came into being. In the mid to late 1960’s, I was smitten with “Newfitis” and didn’t have any organized outlet for this disease. I called and talked for hours to anyone in a five or six state area about this affliction. Finally, some of us decided to start a club in the Midwest. Newfs were few and far between then unless you were in the New England area. In 1970, after the Fox River Kennel Club show north of Chicago, about twelve to fifteen Newf fanciers from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota met and the NCNC (North Central Newfoundland Club) was born. Some of the other charter members included Paul and Betty Ramey (Bethward Newfoundlands) and Bob and Jean Quandt (Tidal Wave Newfoundlands) of Illinois, and Mary M. Price (Paddlewheel Newfoundlands) and Anne Williams (Nine Mile Newfoundlands) from Minnesota. I was the only member from Indiana. Continuing to try to generate interest in the Club with my Indiana acquaintances, I was getting to know other Newfoundland lovers from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and as far away as Louisiana. I would report to the Club all the “far flung” interest but since most of the functions were in the Chicago area, it was too far for most to travel. So, in late 1971, I was appointed to be the liaison from NCNC to form a new club. Indiana was broke off and given Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. SCNC was now formed.All the early meetings were around my kitchen table, drinking lots of coffee and dreaming dreams. All the early meetings were around my kitchen table, drinking lots of coffee and dreaming dreams. The memories and friendships are rich and deep. We had no money and would pass the hat to get our treasury started. I was elected founding president. Other charter members and officers were Russ and Judy Follett, Marcia Fonts, Paul and Jane Catlin, Mike and Joyce Lantz, and Bob and Liz Summers. Early members and dedicated workers were Judy Wirtz, Rick and Ozzie Foreman, Dick and Shirley Mittendorf, Bob and Gloria Laverty and Tony and Kathy Compton. By the mid 1970’s, we were much more professional and organized. We held our first NCA sanctioned water trial in 1976 in Kokomo at Lantz’s Arrowhead Springs campground. We continued to hold our water trials there until the mid 1980’s when we started holding them at Eagle Creek Park. The Club felt really big time when we hosted the National Specialty in 1981 at Jeffersonville, Indiana. There are many current members who were in the Club by the mid 1980’s but I am delighted to give this history of the origin and early years of the SCNC and NCNC from which we evolved. Today, dedicated members continue to make the SCNC a very strong and viable Club whose growth has significantly increased the popularity and love of the Newfoundland breed.  

                        Please visit our sister organization, South Central Newfoundland Rescue.

 SCNC Board Members

President, Robin Katen I reside in Willshire, Ohio on a small hobby farm with my husband Tom, my youngest son Sean, age 19, two Newfs, Splash and Rudder, a German Shepherd, Sherlock, 3 cats, 2 horses and a pony, 2 goats, a Jersey milk cow and her calf, and some chickens. I have always had large dogs, but what attracted me specifically to Newfs is the fact that they are so versatile.  I do obedience and draft work with them, dabble in agility, help with rescue transport and look forward each year to the Christmas Tree Pull. I hope to do some water work and tracking with Splash. I joined SCNC several years ago specifically to learn about the different sports that I could enjoy with my Newfs. As current president of the club, I hope to get many more members excited about participating in club activities.
Vice President, Susan Wilde   When my daughter was in elementary school, she was assigned to read “Star of the Storm.“  For those who don’t know this book, it is about a little girl’s love for her beloved Newfoundland, Sirius. From that moment, I was intrigued by these gentle giants. My husband and I were fortunate enough to get our first (half) Newf (other half is golden retriever), Java, about eight years ago. She immediately stole our hearts. Two years ago, the timing was right and we brought home our beloved Landseer Newfoundland, Olive Sunshine (“Ollie”). I have taken a lot of obedience classes with Ollie and am planning to do some therapy work with her and eventually become involved in the “Paws for Reading” program. Ollie loves water, so I have been working with her on that as well. I joined SCNC two years ago as the membership chair, specifically to make some Newf friends, and to learn more about these amazing, loving (and drooling) dogs.
Treasurer, Jane Huge   I wanted a Newfoundland for more than 20 years after seeing a puppy in Indianapolis at the dog show. When our daughter, Mariah, was old enough to know what a dog was, I started showing her pictures of Newfoundlands. Then, when Mariah was old enough to show in 4-H she asked her Dad for a Newfoundland and that is how we got our first Newf. We initially got involved with SCNC at our breeder’s suggestion. The first event we attended was an SCNC Water Test at Eagle Creek. Mariah was 10 years old at the time and we were welcomed with open arms into the club. Then, we were hooked and have missed only one event since that day. Everyone in the club has been so helpful to me and my family in helping work with Mariah and her dog. I am the Putnam County 4-H Dog Club Leader this year and have been an Assistant Leader for the past seven years. I enjoy working with youth that are interested in showing their dogs in obedience, showmanship and agility in 4-H. I am the SCNC Treasurer and enjoy all our events at SCNC along with my daughter and husband, Duane.
Secretary, Kristen Anderson My husband and I live in Westfield Indiana and started off our involvement with dogs by fostering for the Humane Society. I have always wanted a Newfie and it was a dream that seemed out of reach until I met Virginia Davis of South Central Newfoundland Rescue. I was looking for a local vet for a second opinion for our oldest dog Danica and I mentioned I loved Newfies. Within a week we had our first foster and I was hooked. Three years and countless fosters later we now have our own Newf, Tegan, and we couldn’t be happier. My husband and I continue to support SCNC and SCNR and look forward to the Tree Pull every year at Dull’s Tree farm.
Member at Large, Michael Stewart

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The South Central Newfoundland Club (SCNC) is a regional club of The Newfoundland Club of America, dedicated to preserving and protecting the Newfoundland Dog. The club promotes this goal by organizing and sponsoring working trials, including annual water and draft tests. Open to families and individuals who enjoy working and playing with their Newfs, we also provide plenty of fun and educational activities throughout the year including water and draft workshops and other social events.
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